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New Turangalîla from Hyperion!!


Good news!  (No, it’s not a new Dacia)

Yes, a new Turangalîla-Symphonie will be released in August by Hyperion, and no prizes guessing which of the two of us is the most excited.

This new recording, with Juanjo Mena and the Bergen Philharmonic, has Steven Osborne tackling the difficult solo piano part and Cynthia Millar on the ondes martenot–an electric keyboard which tone is reminiscent of the theremin.  Through the samples of the recording on the Hyperion website, it is evident that while Steven Osborne’s approach which eschews sentimentality and spirituality in favour of a more technically dazzling approach in the Vingt Regards may put off some people (such as Jeremy, see his review on Austbo’s Vingt Regards published two days ago), it is entirely appropriate for such an orgiastic and joyous piece as the Turangalîla, and Osborne’s technical wizardry coupled with the excellently played ondes and the precise yet unhinged and all-stops-out orchestral accompaniment makes it seem that of the greatest Turangalîlas ever recorded will surface soon.  The sonics as heard from the samples are extremely clear and realistic (as with most Hyperion recordings).

Of course, this release means that Hamelin won’t get a chance to record the Turangalîla any soon (he played it with Oundjian conducting the Toronto Symphony Orchestra), and the samples alone aren’t enough to decide on the virtues of the performance; nevertheless we eagerly look forward to getting our hands on a copy soon–and when we do, we’ll be sure to review it.

Also no prizes guessing who will be the most eager to review it.

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4 thoughts on “New Turangalîla from Hyperion!!

  1. The picture link is dead, please try to renew it or recover, or whatever, so that we can know much more about it. Thanks!

  2. Sorry…we can’t seem to fix it. You may go on the Hyperion website to look at the picture, though.

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