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New Alkan CD: Angels we have heard on high…

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…tell us to go out and BUY!!!  –Tom Lehrer

Unfortunately there won’t be a lot of people who would actually buy this because Alkan is still an obscure composer today.  Nevertheless we at Top Ear revere Alkan as one of the most important composers of the romantic period, and as such are very excited to know that Vincenzo Maltempo, a gifted young Italian pianist, will be releasing a new all-Alkan album soon, consisting of the Grande Sonate “Les Quatre Ages” Op. 33, the Symphony for Solo Piano Op. 39, and the final “Hands Reunited” etude from Op. 76, on the new label Piano Classics.

All the timings look very promising (none of Alan Weiss’ excessive rubatos resulting in very long timings), and interestingly Maltempo chooses to play on a Yamaha instead of a conventional Steinway D.  Andrew Clements writing for the Guardian gave it a full 5-star rating, which only makes us even more eager to find out how it is like.  We’ll be sure to review it when we get our hands on it, so stay tuned.

Below is Maltempo playing the first movement of the Grande Sonate:

And Andrew Clements’ review of the CD on


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