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Karajan 1988 Bruckner 8 on Originals!

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Music lovers nowadays don’t need to look around themselves to know how much CDs cost. Big labels, such as the two from Universal that dominate the market, set their prices according to clearly defined ranks – from budget to mid-price to full-price – and independent labels always cost a bit more. Certain labels has established themselves by friendlier prices, and there are, of course, those that do the opposite. Budget labels, as Jeremy has noted earlier, are often the way enthusiasts obtain their sought-after recordings, because big labels sometimes reissue previously full-price CDs on budget labels. But when they don’t, all there is left to do is keep your fingers crossed.

For both of us on Top Ear, such is the case with many items that Deutsche Grammophon never released in any forms other than their original, full-price ones. Milstein’s Bach Unaccompanied, Karajan’s live Mahler 9 (which Leonard bought with his teeth clenched), Abbado’s Mahler 8, Zimerman’s Debussy preludes… legendary performances that has never been officially sold in Hong Kong for less than $170 (for the Karajan discs, $200).

We waited, and waited……

And our prayers were answered.

Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 in C minor

Karajan’s 1988 Bruckner 8 has been emancipated!

Like Bernstein’s Berlin Mahler 9, this reincarnation integrated the content that was previously distributed on 2 CDs, thereby making it considerably cheaper. Presto Classical reports a price of $90 and a release date of 3rd September 2012, and we only hope that independent CD stores will price it like any Originals item, which is about $85+.

At the present stage, Leonard is rather pleased that has not spend in vain for Karajan’s live Mahler 9 for it hasn’t yet been compressed and reissued. Jeremy, however, was a sad case of a nincompoop who bought Bernstein’s Berlin Mahler 9 in its original fat case, in the presence of the recording’s mid-price reissue on the Originals.

So, to those who have… hmm… newly acquired Karajan’s 1988 Bruckner 8 at full-price, we have reserved the last bit of our news for you…


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