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Top Ear enjoys its 1001th view

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Here’s a short post to celebrate Top Ear’s 1001th view today, and both of us are overjoyed that our blog has come to a certain fruition at last.  Indeed, when we started our blog four and a half months ago, on the 25th of May, we had no idea that our blog would come to this stage, with articles no music writer would dare to cohabitate with their serious reviews and publications (the article on jewel cases, perhaps?), as well as the more traditional review format, which of course is the freedom the format of a blog gives us.  Throughout these months both of us have had disagreements while writing for this blog, some big, some small, and some till this day unresolved (our reviews have assumed different formats for different writers, for example), but nevertheless we consider it an immense joy writing for your viewing pleasure.

But of course, we would not have come to this point without the support of all you readers.  We would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have supported our blog throughout these months.  As every view is a reward for our labor, we sincerely hope that you will continue to view our blog regularly, and that you would have learned as much reading it as we have done writing it.

Once again, a million thanks to all of our readers!

The writers

Jeremy Lee & Leonard Ip


Author: Top Ear

Musical hooligans.

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