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Klemperer Legacy box sets keep coming!

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Remember the previous news about the Klemperer Legacy series of box sets?  We have been informed that EMI will be releasing Klemperer’s complete recordings on the Klemperer Legacy series, which is a GOOD THING, and which means that his Mahler and Wagner and so on will certainly be reissued in due course.  Meanwhile EMI will release three new box sets under the Klemperer Legacy name in January.

The Klemperer Legacy: Concertos

Klemperer’s concerto repertoire was fairly large, and he was an accompanist of many famous soloists, a few of such recordings that have gained classics status.  Here Klemperer conducts works as diverse as Liszt and Beethoven’s Piano Concertos (played by Annie Fischer and Daniel Barenboim respectively), Mozart’s Horns Concertos with Alan Civil, Beethoven and Brahms’ Violin Concertos with Yehudi Menuhin, among others.

Mozart: Symphonies, Overtures & Serenades

Klemperer’s Mozart was also justly famous, and this box set gathers his recordings of the symphonies, overtures and serenades, including all the more important symphonies and two (!) versions of his Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, possibly one of the most overplayed pieces written by anyone.

Brahms: Symphonies & Overtures & Ein deutsches Requiem

But most exciting of all is Klemperer’s Brahms Symphonies, Overtures and Ein Deutsches Requiem (of which I reviewed earlier in a comprehensive review here).  These recordings have been widely praised for their idiomatic integrity infused with Klemperer’s trademark terseness, as well as the ravishing soloists Christa Ludwig in the Alto Rhapsody and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau in the Requiem.  Top Ear is most excited by this release, especially since the last reissue (on Great Recordings of the Century) is expensive and hard to find.

Soupy twist.


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