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Top Ear’s First Anniversary!

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Jeremy writes a passionate testament on this day of Top Ear’s first anniversary:

A year ago today, two young music-lovers, Jeremy Lee and Leonard Ip, decided their endless music-related discussions on Facebook just wouldn’t come to much fruition, and decided to create a blog as a platform to express their musical views.

And today, as our humble little blog approaches its first year, we have seen it grow considerably:  from a few mundane reviews (Respighi, Bach) to a small wealth of music articles (105 posts to date) of which we are both very proud of.  During the course of writing, considerable amounts of time and effort have been spent, juxtaposition between our work and our blog-writing in our tight schedules has been made, and disagreements, quite naturally, have been common (more about our different tastes than anything else, actually).  But as our blog has grown, we as authors have grown too, and we would like to take this opportunity to most sincerely thank all of our readers who have supported us and patiently watched our growth through the previous year.

As part of our celebrations for our first anniversary, please stay tuned as we offer:

  • Top Ear’s Desert Island Discs:  Many have asked us what our favorite discs are in our years of music listening.  The truth is, there isn’t a single disc that we would consider our “favorite”, but at gunpoint… after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we have managed to pick 10 single discs towards which we feel special affinity.
  • Top Ear’s First-Ever Challenge:  In our previous year there has still been one genre left uncovered:  challenges.  So, for our first anniversary, we’ve decided that we should take the plunge.  What we’ve decided to do is to challenge each other to write on discs of which repertoire we are not familiar with or interested in.  As for what the discs are… what other than to stay tuned!

A billion thanks to all our readers once again, and we believe our next year will be even more exciting and fruitful, exciting and fruitful though the last year definitely was.  Do continue to discover the world of classical music with us.

And Leonard sends his message to the devoted readers:

Hey y’all! Enjoy the show!


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