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Top Ear’s Classical Music Pattern Quiz


UPDATE:  The answers of this quiz can be found here:  Answers to Top Ear Classical Music Pattern Quiz.  But please do attempt the quiz and submit it before you check your answers.


Not too long ago the esteemed Hong Kong classical music writer Dennis Wu created a classical music pattern quiz that looked easy but was surprisingly difficult, and got the both of us at Top Ear scratching our heads quite often.  Nevertheless, it was great fun, and as a service to the English-speaking public, here is Top Ear’s take on this lovely idea.  (Please observe the bottom right corner)

Here are some simple instructions so that you know what to expect during the quiz.

Example 1
1, 3, 5, 7, ___
The answer here is 9, since the numbers are all odd numbers.

Example 2
Red, Orange, ____, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
The answer here is yellow, since this is the order of the colors of the rainbow.

During this quiz, of course, you are required to recognize a correct pattern in the various classical music-related information provided and choose the most suitable answer in the choices provided.

Happy quizzing!  Leave any comments, worries, doubts, etc. below.


Author: Top Ear

Musical hooligans.

5 thoughts on “Top Ear’s Classical Music Pattern Quiz

  1. Hm.. I seem to smell an Alkan fan lurking around ;p

  2. Most certainly–we’ll try to stay on top of all the new Alkan releases this year. That means those Piano Classics discs, and Pascal Amoyel’s Alkan recital on La Dolce Volta.
    Meanwhile you are referred to our article on a “new Piano Classics release” called 200 Years of Alkan (link below). Please enjoy.
    Jeremy Lee

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