Top Ear


Welcome to Top Ear, a blog written for music enthusiasts and the refreshment of their spirit!

(If you recognize the last bit of that sentence, congratulations! You certainly know your music. Yes, it’s what Johann Sebastian Bach wrote on the cover page of his Goldberg Variations.)

In our blog, you can find various categories of articles, such as:

  • Reviews on individual recordings and albums;
  • Comprehensive reviews based on individual musical works that aim to survey available recordings of the works;
  • News about new releases and musical events;
  • Editorials that document our comments on various music-related subjects or any interesting thoughts and incidents;
  • Polls allowing the reader to vote on music-related questions;
  • Tributes to recently deceased masters;
  • Musician of the Week – highlighting a different musician every week;
  • Discoveries on anything new related to music;
  • and, most excitingly, musical Challenges that we take up upon one another’s or our readers’ requests (so stay tuned for more details!).

We hope you will visit often and find our blog enriching, provoking, or simply entertaining!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions to give us, please do not for one moment hesitate to send us an email at and we will be sure to reply you at our earliest convenience.  Please also like our Facebook page at

*For more about the site’s authors, please see “Authors’ Profile”.*


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