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Some selections from our musical rendezvous… (II)

The writers meet again for another musical rendezvous.


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From Jewel Cases With Love

Jeremy Lee writes

Jewel cases.  They’re the boxes that hold the disc, the booklet notes and the back cover together.  They’re brittle.  They’re fragile.  They’re bulky.  They’re easily scratched.  They’re flimsy when slightly hinged incorrectly, and will even destroy the very beautiful thick booklet notes by tearing their sides into shreds Continue reading

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(Mostly) Delightful Discoveries: A Stroll in Mong Kok’s CD Stores

Jeremy Lee writes

To celebrate the end of my exams, concluding with a hurrah of a Chemistry paper, and also to get rid of some of the CDs I didn’t want, I decided this morning to do a bit of window-shopping at Mong Kok’s CD stores.  Before I was a music buff as I am now, I only knew about Win Win and Shun Cheong Records as the “only two” record stores there, but Continue reading