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Top Ear’s Third Anniversary — A Passionate Extension of Heartfelt Gratitude Towards Our Loyal Readers

Dear readers,

It’s been three years. Thank you very much.


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Top Ear’s 2nd Anniversary!*RmM-avXxX6Q*IyLlXAeN5t*1LBSqJpogEsND0ZAQ7fjCXOCiktK5qOOmjThqTQx8tcZWbXD1oRpODOcjgSf3hz/2yearsdent.jpg

Around 150 posts after our very first post 730 days ago, Top Ear has arrived at its rousing 2nd anniversary.  As usual, we would like to thank our faithful readers for visiting and supporting this blog.  The previous year has seen a great increase in the number of views and we hope that Continue reading

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Happy 2013 to our readers!!

From both of us at Top Ear to all of you:  Have a very blessed, fruitful and musical 2013!  To celebrate, here are some brilliantly impressionistic fireworks played by the incomparable Krystian Zimerman.  Top Ear has also gotten hold of Pierre-Laurent Aimard’s newest release of Debussy’s Preludes, and we will review it at our earliest convenience.  Stay tuned!

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A Letter to Visitors

Dear visitors,

With excitement and anticipation, we have created Top Ear to share our interest in music in a organized and accessible way. For all the crudeness of this site, we hope you will find it worthwhile and will return to it as we make improvements on the contents, layout and other settings.

Please visit “About” and “Authors’ Profiles” for more background information (well, the latter won’t be too helpful in that respect), and scroll to the bottom of the page for headings of our posts.

Every visit is a reward for our labour, and please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment (on anything at all!). Thank you very, very much.

Leonard Ip & Jeremy Lee

25th May, 2012