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Tharaud’s Goldberg


Bach: Goldberg Variations
Alexander Tharaud (piano)
Warner Classics 2564604914 – 1CD

Leonard Ip writes (translated from the Chinese by Jeremy Lee)

For pianists who are specialists in the Baroque repertoire, Bach does not feature centrally in Tharaud’s repertoire.  While in these past years Tharaud has broadened his repertoire on record to the extent that he even recorded a disc of cabaret music, to date he had recorded Continue reading



Featured Musician: A Maazel Celebration


The discs under consideration here.

Jeremy Lee writes

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Kubelik’s Classic Slavonic Dances


Jeremy Lee writes

No matter how much high praise Kubelik’s 1960s Dvorak cycle with the Berlin Philharmonic has received, I’ve always felt that the Berlin Philharmonic’s glossy, glassy, all-pervasive string sound (thank you, Herr von Karajan) sank the ship despite the effort Kubelik may have put in trying to hammer in some Bohemian style into the Berlin players’ minds, and the bloodless, harsh and screechy sonics rendered some sections Continue reading

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Rosbaud/Berlin’s Fantastic Non-Symphonic Sibelius

Jeremy Lee writes

If you are a newcomer to Sibelius’ music beyond his seven symphonies, look no further than this disc, without doubt the most exciting, direct and idiomatic non-symphonic Sibelius ever recorded.  Hans Rosbaud, along with Herr von Karajan, was one of the greatest German exponents of Sibelius’ music in the post-war years, and Continue reading

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Fischer’s Mahler 5: Lyrical or Languid?

Jeremy Lee writes

Heaven knows how many Mahler 5ths there are on disc, but of those I’ve heard so far, and despite some stylistic and tonal differences between performances, most are geared towards a fundamentally extrovert approach:  high on excitement, high on intensity, high on power, or high on angst.  Fischer’s Mahler 5th does not take such an approach, but is it a good thing? Continue reading

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Argerich in Lugano, 2014

Leonard Ip writes (translated from the Chinese by Jeremy Lee)

We have Argerich and Lugano to thank every year for bringing so much musical enjoyment to us. This year I have reason to express particular gratitude to them, since Argerich has left her best recording of Mozart’s 20th piano concerto (K466) to date. Argerich has recorded the work three times, under Continue reading