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Featured Musician: A Maazel Celebration


The discs under consideration here.

Jeremy Lee writes

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Kubelik’s Classic Slavonic Dances


Jeremy Lee writes

No matter how much high praise Kubelik’s 1960s Dvorak cycle with the Berlin Philharmonic has received, I’ve always felt that the Berlin Philharmonic’s glossy, glassy, all-pervasive string sound (thank you, Herr von Karajan) sank the ship despite the effort Kubelik may have put in trying to hammer in some Bohemian style into the Berlin players’ minds, and the bloodless, harsh and screechy sonics rendered some sections Continue reading

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DG’s Big Bernstein Box, Vol. 1

Jeremy Lee writes

I will start this review with a bold statement:  of all the oft-recorded conductors that have ever lived, no-one has had such a high proportion of great musicianship, great playing and great sonics in their discography than Leonard Bernstein on Deutsche Grammophon.  This is particularly remarkable given Continue reading