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Featured Musician: A Maazel Celebration


The discs under consideration here.

Jeremy Lee writes

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Rosbaud/Berlin’s Fantastic Non-Symphonic Sibelius

Jeremy Lee writes

If you are a newcomer to Sibelius’ music beyond his seven symphonies, look no further than this disc, without doubt the most exciting, direct and idiomatic non-symphonic Sibelius ever recorded.  Hans Rosbaud, along with Herr von Karajan, was one of the greatest German exponents of Sibelius’ music in the post-war years, and Continue reading


Comprehensive Review: Orff’s Carmina Burana


Jeremy Lee writes

Orff’s You-Know-What:  to many, all you have to do is mention the composer Orff to a casual classical music lover and immediately you will get one of two responses:  Carmina Burana, or O Fortuna.  In fact Carmina Burana (which is, to those of you who don’t know better, Continue reading

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Karajan’s Last Sibelius for EMI, Now on Warner

Jeremy Lee writes

The recordings featured here are Karajan’s last Sibelius recordings, recorded from 1976 to 1981.  Compared to his earlier recordings, be it with the Philharmonia for EMI in the 1950s, or the late 1960s/early 1970s for DG, this set arguably represents Karajan’s Sibelius interpretation at its tried-and-true best. Continue reading

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Haitink + Berlin + Stravinsky = Humor, Brilliance, Savagery

Jeremy Lee writes

This 2CD package from Tower Records Vintage Collection contains some of the greatest performances of Stravinsky’s ballets ever recorded.  This should be interesting because back in 1973 Haitink recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra these very pieces, which were Continue reading

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Behold, behind a blaze of tasteless shooting stars, the modern BPO’s Strauss

Jeremy Lee writes

Who on earth approved of this packaging?  Who on earth dreamt of it? The cover looks fine, but when you open the album, you are greeted with a huge whiff of plastic and ink and a fluorescent (!) yellow disc, a color that resembles none other than urea.  Disgusted, Continue reading