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Very Exciting New Releases in April

Remember our news of the exciting releases in March?  To be very honest, we weren’t THAT excited, especially compared to the releases that will reach your nearest disc shop in April.  Therefore, kindly observe the comparative form of “exciting” that we have used in this news’  title:  “Very Exciting”.

And it is Very Exciting, because Universal’s Virtuoso budget series, whose offerings Continue reading


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Karajan 1988 Bruckner 8 on Originals!

Music lovers nowadays don’t need to look around themselves to know how much CDs cost. Big labels, such as the two from Universal that dominate the market, set their prices according to clearly defined ranks – from budget to mid-price to full-price – and independent labels always cost a bit more. Certain labels has established themselves by friendlier prices, and there are, of course, those that do the opposite. Budget labels, as Continue reading

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New budget series hits Hong Kong!

This news may seem quite late for some discerning buyers, but late news is better than no news, because it’s important:  another budget label has entered the Hong Kong market.  You may have seen a few albums of that series in certain unpretentious corners of some shops, selling at an unmistakably un-budget price, but never in a large quantity.  Well, those previous issues were merely discrete imports, and because they were never really imported by bulk they were never the “budget” label they seem to claim to be.  The news is that Continue reading


The budget series phenomenon: The good, the bad, the ugly–An introduction

Jeremy Lee writes

Rapidly improving technology nowadays and the vast back catalog of recording labels mean that a few budget spin-off series of major labels have emerged, and the attractive price and normally starry names have attracted the attention of novices and experienced collectors alike.  For novices, Continue reading

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The budget series phenomenon: The Ugly

Jeremy Lee writes

The ugliest thing, however, is the truth that strikes you when you buy it:  the price.  Sure, single CDs are all under $100, but depending on where you buy it, the price range for a single CD can be as wide as $20–certainly a lot of money in comparison to the (inexpensive) price that you buy it for.  DISCLAIMER:  All the prices and price ranges listed below are just for reference–don’t come finding me if ever you can’t find it less expensive than the top of the range I suggested! Continue reading