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Comprehensive Review: Orff’s Carmina Burana


Jeremy Lee writes

Orff’s You-Know-What:  to many, all you have to do is mention the composer Orff to a casual classical music lover and immediately you will get one of two responses:  Carmina Burana, or O Fortuna.  In fact Carmina Burana (which is, to those of you who don’t know better, Continue reading

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A Great Time with Levine’s Gershwin

Jeremy Lee writes

I think this is my third article on Gershwin, but I’m not bored with this fascinating composer just yet:  there are just so many great, idiomatic recordings of this genius’s music calling for our attention (not that there aren’t any other composers which I would say the same for).  This album by Levine and the Chicagoans is Continue reading


Ein Deutsches Requiem: A comprehensive review

Jeremy Lee writes

After a brief hiatus, here’s Top Ear’s second comprehensive, this time on 12 different recordings of Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem, purely a labour of love of Brahms’ music.

Just a few of the recordings reviewed here

The work, whose conception and progress was apparently spurred by the notion of Brahms’ mother’s eminent death as well as a work by Schumann of a similar title, remains to this day one of his finest achievements and testimony of his study in counterpoint, as well as one of the Continue reading