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Lisitsa’s Chopin and Schumann Etudes

Leonard Ip writes [translated from the Chinese by Jeremy Lee]

Lisitsa’s path to success is so well-known that if you Google “the Youtube pianist”, the first page of search results will all show links with the name “Valentina Lisitsa”. In this new solo album, Valentina revisits Continue reading


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Lisitsa’s Debut Album on Decca

Valentina Lisitsa, the pianist who uniquely launched her career via Youtube instead of any other conventional means, signed to Decca at the beginning of this year. She has previously recorded for such labels as Audiofon and VAI, and her debut album is out this month – live at the Royal Albert Hall.

Lisitsa curling her lips  slightly on the album cover

Lisitsa is a unique phenomenon in the sense that her international fame rose almost entirely due to her publicity work on Youtube. Having watched many of her videos we at Top Ear can say Continue reading