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Comprehensive Review: Orff’s Carmina Burana


Jeremy Lee writes

Orff’s You-Know-What:  to many, all you have to do is mention the composer Orff to a casual classical music lover and immediately you will get one of two responses:  Carmina Burana, or O Fortuna.  In fact Carmina Burana (which is, to those of you who don’t know better, Continue reading


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Eloquence short reviews, Vol. 2

Jeremy Lee writes

Australian Eloquence, one of the most intelligent reissue labels around, has invaded the Hong Kong market some while ago and my colleague Leonard reviewed 5 releases here.  Following up is this second set of short reviews, from Brahms to…er…Mahler…


This is a reissue of a full-priced London Decca disc with the exact same repertoire released in 1996 which lasted in the catalogue for the amount of time it takes you to read this sentence.  Piano mavens should be happy that Continue reading

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Mehta’s Mahler 1st and 3rd


Jeremy Lee writes

Zubin Mehta’s most highly acclaimed Mahler effort belongs to his stupendous Second recorded in 1975 with the Vienna Philharmonic (read my review here).  These performances, with the Israel Philharmonic in the First and Los Angeles Philharmonic in the Third doesn’t exactly Continue reading