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Georg Solti and his Supercharged Mahler Symphonies Set

Jeremy Lee writes

Georg Solti’s history of recording Mahler is rather interesting:  from 1964 to 1971 he completed a Mahler cycle for Decca with the London Symphony Orchestra in symphonies 1, 2, 3 and 9, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Symphony No. 4, and with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in symphonies 5-8.  In around 1980 however Continue reading



Mad Mahler 3 from Solti/LSO

Mahler: Symphony 3

Jeremy Lee writes

Do you have an insatiable urge for raw power?  Do you adore violence and carnage?  Are you unfazed by extreme vulgarity?  Are Bernstein’s performances too frail and weak for you?  If you answered any of the above with “yes”, you’ve come to the right place:  Solti’s first Mahler 3rd with the London Symphony Orchestra.  If Continue reading

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Solti’s Electrifying Mahler 2

Jeremy Lee writes

Mahler’s 2nd symphony isn’t the scariest piece of music ever, but under Solti it might well be.  It all becomes obvious when the cellos come in at the very start:  it’s aggressive, rough and granite-like–terrifying, really, though not unaided by the microphone.  Turn up the volume at the end of the second movement to Continue reading

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Igneous and Inexpensive: Solti’s Verdi Requiem

Verdi: Requiem

Jeremy Lee writes

Solti’s Verdi Requiem has been issued on RCA Classic Library previously, and its rather embarrassing length of 81 minutes and 34 seconds–a bit too much for one CD–meant that it had to spill over a second CD.  Now, though, it’s been reissued at a budget price on the new Sony Classical Masters series, and by some technical wizardry Continue reading