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Featured Musician: A Maazel Celebration


The discs under consideration here.

Jeremy Lee writes

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A Box Of Karl Böhm’s Late Recordings

Jeremy Lee writes

The circumstances for the reissue of these “late recordings” in a box set is rather curious.  Usually when a box set documenting the artistry of a legendary artist (in whole or in part) surfaces, its release date coincides with the anniversary year of that artist’s birth or death or other meaningful anniversaries.  Released in 2015, the present set seems Continue reading

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Behold, behind a blaze of tasteless shooting stars, the modern BPO’s Strauss

Jeremy Lee writes

Who on earth approved of this packaging?  Who on earth dreamt of it? The cover looks fine, but when you open the album, you are greeted with a huge whiff of plastic and ink and a fluorescent (!) yellow disc, a color that resembles none other than urea.  Disgusted, Continue reading