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Top Ear’s 2nd Anniversary!

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Around 150 posts after our very first post 730 days ago, Top Ear has arrived at its rousing 2nd anniversary.  As usual, we would like to thank our faithful readers for visiting and supporting this blog.  The previous year has seen a great increase in the number of views and we hope that a continually increasing amount of readers will find fun as well as insight in Top Ear.

Here are the top three posts from the past year which has amassed the greatest number of views:

Same as last year, Top Ear shall present some anniversary specials, and this time instead of a surprise review to each other we have decided to present our specials in a brand new format to give some interesting variety to this blog.  Stay tuned, as always!

Thank you all very much once again for supporting us.

Jeremy Lee and Leonard Ip


Author: Top Ear

Musical hooligans.

2 thoughts on “Top Ear’s 2nd Anniversary!

  1. Happy Birthday to you two at Top Ear! I log on fairly regularly from here in Bolton, England (near Manchester), and find your choice of repertoire interesting, and your comments fair and impartial. Two friends who love music sharing their listening habits with folk they’ve never met! My best wishes for the future.

    Bob Berry

  2. Happy birthday and best wishes to top ear! Be classic, be famous.

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