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Featured Musician: A Maazel Celebration


The discs under consideration here.

Jeremy Lee writes

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Uchida’s Cleveland Mozart 18, 19

Leonard Ip writes [translated from the Chinese by Jeremy Lee]

Reviewers for art forms (be it music, movies or books) are often glad to come across certain types of efforts, and there are two types of this kind of efforts: outstanding efforts, and terrible efforts—things that don’t require lots of thinking to form a value judgment. But of course, extreme examples of both types of efforts are rare, which is why Continue reading


Comprehensive Review: Orff’s Carmina Burana


Jeremy Lee writes

Orff’s You-Know-What:  to many, all you have to do is mention the composer Orff to a casual classical music lover and immediately you will get one of two responses:  Carmina Burana, or O Fortuna.  In fact Carmina Burana (which is, to those of you who don’t know better, Continue reading


A Consideration of Pierre Boulez’s Mahler Cycle


The discs under consideration in this article (Jeremy’s collection)

Jeremy Lee writes

Pierre Boulez’s cycle of Mahler symphonies for Deutsche Grammophon, starting with the Sixth with the Vienna Philharmonic recorded in 1994 and ending with the Adagio of the Tenth with the Cleveland Orchestra recorded in 2010, has polarized opinion and has been the source of much amazement as well as Continue reading